So what happened? Well, some Confab people and some Evolution people got together to talk about doing a (different) fanzine. And we talked and talked about what it should be like and how many staples.... So after the Evolution half of the group went home, Alison and I looked at each other, heaved a sigh of relief and sat down to do our own fanzine still amazed at people who'd rather have meetings than get on with it.

Anyway, here is Plokta, a fanzine with a mission to be less worthy than Attitude, less informative than Ansible and with less angst than any fanzine from Leeds.

Baby on Board

Alison thinks you ought to know that she's having a baby in January. Steve thinks this is just to get out of coming to his and Giulia's wedding which is also in January 1997 (anyone who can get to Hobart, Tasmania is welcome to come along). Now you know. Look out for a birth report rivalling that of Helena Bowels for gratuitous violence and graphic detail in some future issue of Plokta. "And then, with blood and pus everywhere, the alien baby exploded from her stomach..." Emails of congratulation may be sent to the foetus at pod@fuggles.demon.co.uk.

And what use is a fanzine without a con report? Here's Steve's detailed report on Evolution:

What I Did On My Holidays

"I'm going away for a few days," I told the folks at work. "Where are you going?" "Heathrow." "Funny, funny. Where are you really going?" Umm....

Ah, off to the far flung fabled land of Hea Thro where the beauteous gopher geishas dance to the enchanting strains of Pat McMurray's third spare wallyphone. Where immensely rich barefoot beflipflopped fans swan around all day, drinking Real Ale from the beer nuts hanging from every tree. Where tantalising Americans seduce pure-minded young British conrunners (and vice versa). You weren't there? Shame...

Floozy in the jacuzzi
Beauteous, bathing gopher geishas frolicking
frothily in the whitewater whirlpool.

ObTech Quote

"Steve, not everybody has a local area network in their study." "No, but I am trying to extend a spur down to the living room".

Alert! Alert!

A usually reliable source tells us that one P McMurray is suspected of plotting to run more Eastercons, bidding for another British Worldcon and planning to invade Poland. The Tim Illingworth Control squad have been alerted and hope to get the problem under control as soon as possible. In the mean time, fans are warned not to go to conventions and to avoid pubs at all costs. McMurray is said to be extremely dangerous. Anyone spotting him should not approach him but should contact the emergency services immediately.

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