Application For Millennium Funding

BEING a PROPOSAL submitted to the MILLENNIUM COMMISSION by the PLOKTA CABAL on behalf of British SF Fandom.

Insofar as Her Majesty's Government proposes to spend vast amounts of money on community projects and public works in order to celebrate the impending millennium, we feel it is only equitable that the science fiction fan community should get its share of the loot have the opportunity to participate in this noble endeavour. We present below a carefully considered proposal for such a programme.

The Millennium Dome Most importantly, we feel that the Millennium Dome should reflect fandom's role as part of the broader community [some of us are much broader -- Ed]. This can be achieved by a small enhancement, as illustrated in the detailed blueprint attached.

As part of the programme of publicly sponsored sculpture, we recommend that a magnificent statue, The Demon of the North, be constructed on a prominent hillside between Leeds and Keighley.

The millennium provides a natural opportunity for celebration. In fandom, our celebrations are conventions. We therefore propose the following support for cons:

Our proposal for the establishment of a fannish convention centre in Liverpool has been withdrawn, as this appears to already have happened.

Fandom recognises the special nature of the British agriculture industry, and wishes our proposal to support it. We think this can best be handled through a national programme of increased planting of the essential fannish crops of barley, coffee, hemp and twiltone.

In order to recognise the fundamentally spiritual nature of the millennium, the fountains in Trafalgar Square will run with Laphroaig for the year.

Naturally, we have not omitted to include the other areas of the United Kingdom in this proposal, and the following items will give it a truly national scope:

In return for all this investment, UK SF fans will of course give something back. To spark off the national celebration of the Millennium, Armageddon Enterprises will set light to the Brecon Beacons.

It should be noted that the timescales for this programme are more generous than for most other millennium activities, as due to the special nature of the SF fan community, these celebrations will not take place until 31 December 2000, the start of the third millennium.

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