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Pam the Pirate likes Parties She always wears purple and pink Sue has recently got a job ("I had to sell my soul into slavery for a new car") colouring children's comics. When we looked at some examples of her oeuvre, we realised that such characters as Pam the Purple, Party-loving Pirate translated only too well into fannish terms. We could start off with, oh, Jim the Jactitating Jerd [do you mean Jim Trash or Jim de Liscard? -- Ed] and then...
A ...is for Ashley the Ambivalent Aardvark
B ...is for Brian the Bibulous Bookworm
C ...is for Claire the Crap Cormorant [isn't a Liver Bird a crap cormorant?]
D ...is for D the Dismal Dominotrix
E ...is for Eira the Erotic Egret
F ...is for Foxy the Furtive Fetishist
G ...is for Gregory the Grouchy Gostak
H ...is for Headlong the Hirsute Hedonist
[Hirsute Hedonist]
I ...is for Ian the Irrepressible Itch
J ...is for Jaine the Jutting-out Jezebel
K ...is for Kari the Knickerless Kelt
L ...is for Lilian the Lecherous Lemming
M ...is for Martin the Megalomaniac Mouse
N ...is for Noel the Nestling Numbat [see Claire's Capacious Cleavage...]
O ...is for Oliver the Officious Ops Manager
P ...is for Paul the Prickly Pedant
Q ...is for Queen Ynci the Questionable Quetzalcoatl
R ...is for Rhodri the Raucous Rodent
S ...is for Siddall the Sad Sacofricosist
T ...is for Tobes the Toping Twink
Ü ...is for Ülrika the Übiquitous Überwensch
V ...is for Vin¢ the Vacillating Vole
W ...is for Walt the Well-Worshipped Wombat
X ...is for XXXX the XXXX XXXX [censored on advice from our lawyers]
Y Yngvi ...is a Louse
Z ...is for Zander the Zinging Zebu

Now then children, be sure to come back next issue when we get onto numbers (with 1/2R the 1/2-baked 1/2wit) and punctuation (with &ders the &rogynous &roid)

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