Reaction to Issue 1 seems to have been generally favourable. Our main problem is that Andy Hooper thinks we're probably either a group of neos or a hoax. Now since Steve's first contact with fandom was about 1975 and Alison's was 1983, and the Plokta cabal between us have well over a century of fannish street-cred, the only logical conclusion is indeed that one or more of us is a hoax. Steve is safe; Andy reckons they met in the Intersection Newsletter room while he was attempting to drag Tom Becker away to dinner. Alison was once described as being zaftig in a Locus Worldcon review (she spent the next six months trying to find out what it meant, and has been trying to live it down ever since) so that rules her out. Sue should be a hoax -- you remember there was a tick-box on the cover for "You have been shagging a member of the Plokta cabal"? It was amazing, while we were addressing Plokta, the number of pubic scalps Sue has dangling from her, er, belt. How she ever has time to actually get out of bed and do all those incredible fillos, I do not know. Of course Mike Scott (Alison's ex-husband) is doing his best trying to emulate Sue's record by cutting a swathe through American fandom, so that counts him out too. Which leaves Steven Cain (Alison's other half) and Giulia de Cesare (Steve's other half). It's going to be a difficult decision...

John Dallman complained about our three-column layout (tough! we like it) and the positioning of the staples. Tell me, John, is there a hyphen in anal-retentive?

Brad Foster complained about the DTP on the grounds that he actually had to read the fanzine to find out if it was any good. We thought at first that he was upset at having wasted his time, but he seemed to like it after all.

Meanwhile, Robert Lichtman sends us a fanzine from a time when "...at least one of you was still in grammar [primary - Ed] school". We seized it, thrilled at getting a 70s fanzine; but it turned out to be from 1991.

So, are we neos or Neolithic? Answers on a poctsarcd please.

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