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Steve Jeffrey offers the following suggestions for increasing the superfluous technology in your life:

The Sonic Molecatcher (advertised in an Innovations catalogue near you -- or your feet, if you open the Sunday papers and shake out all the extraneous bits over the carpet).

[I'm astonished that Steve hasn't mentioned that the sonic molecatcher advertises its ten inches of throbbing reverberating mole repellant -- Alison] [That's never ten inches! -- Sue]

Also the 'Glow in the Dark'-eyes cutout cat-on-a-stick, service as the perfect lawn accessory and bird scarer. Except I have visions of a group (cluster, parliament or whatever -- unfortunately the Dictionary of Collective Nouns is at Maureen's, where for reasons best left unspecified we were looking up wombats -- and beavers -- this being all Mark Plummer's fault), anyway, a wossname of crows standing about wondering why someone has planted a cat that has come off a poor second in a fight with steamroller in the middle of their lawn.

And Robert Lichtman adds:

I must attempt to top your gadget of the month with one I saw recently: a pepper spray canister cleverly disguised as a pager. It tempted me for a moment.

However, we think the superfluous item of choice for this month is the wood veneer Microsoft Natural keyboard, as mentioned in Wired 2.06UK.

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