We've sent you Plokta because:

You have been thinly disguised as a superhero in this fanzine
We're going to be doing supervillains next ish
You sent us a LoC! More! More! We love you!
You sent us another LoC! Carry on
You sent us your fanzine. You'll never get off the mailing list now! Ha! Ha! Ha!
You asked for a copy. We're amazed! Are you feeling OK?
Send us your fanzine; Dr Plokta's short of things to read on his South Seas Island
The Great Plokta Mailing List Cull hasn't quite reached you yet
Your technology is more superfluous than ours
We're shamelessly touting for Hugo nominations and we want to buy your vote
We thought you'd like a taste of Pod's placenta
This is a unique crossover issue with Pregnancy and Birth magazine -- we knew you'd be interested
Next issue is also a unique crossover issue with Pregnancy and Birth magazine -- so we're preparing you in advance
We'd like a few more Nova votes next year -- you do get five other fanzines, don't you?
You don't get five other fanzines; look out for our special Crudzine Sample Pack
You can't spell PLOKTA
We think you could earn money as a boxing nun
Alison's scared of becoming grown-up and boring
Because you've been a good little boy/girl/lizard all year
You have been selected for random electrical testing. Bzzz!

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