"... scientists denounced 'health evangelists' for taking the fun out of eating. Treats such as chocolate are better for health than guilt-ridden abstinence, they said."

The Observer

At last! Science is on our side! Short editorial break while the Plokta cabal indulge in some healthy exercise with a bar of fruit and nut.

Calm down, that's only my screen-saver All this healthy eating has made this issue rather late, thereby maintaining a fine Plokta tradition. Meanwhile, the cabal has been attending conventions, redecorating spare bedrooms, cooing over spare babies, celebrating the election results, relaxing in the blazing sunshine and torrential rain of May bank holidays, and buying new computers and digital cameras. No change there then.

We had intended to slag off Sorensen this time, but due to our tardiness Steve Green beat us to it. Alison knows this; she read Railings very carefully, twice, because Steve alleged incorrectly that she was mentioned somewhere in it. We would commend this approach to the editors of certain large, heavy fanzines.

Following our trial with the short, bijou Ploktette we dished out at Easter, we've decided that photocopying is the way forward for Plokta. It is, in truth, not so pretty. But it's considerably cheaper, and not such a drain on either our collective nerves or our collective laser printers. Plus it drastically increases the amount of time we have to party.

Nevertheless, I suppose we'd better get on with the fanzine, or we'll never finish it.

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