We've sent you Plokta because:
You have been thinly disguised as an aardvark in this fanzine
You sent us a LoC! We've edited it shamelessly!
You sent us another LoC! Will you never learn?
You sent us your fanzine. Watch out for reviews next issue
You asked for a copy. LoC or we send your e-mail address to cyberpromo
Send us your fanzine; Dr Plokta's short of things to read eat on his South Seas Island
The Great Plokta Mailing List Cull will reach you next issue
You have won a special Fyffe for Most Dubious Circumstances under which to Propose Marriage 1997
You are mentioned somewhere deep in the bowels of this fanzine, allegedly
We trade. You Jane.
You are believed to be a practitioner of devil-worship yoga
You voted Conservative and need something to cheer you up
You are a major character in Alison's lucid dreams
You were a pupil at St. Gestetner's
We suspect you of tunnelling under airport runways. Are you a Thunderbird?
You are an expert at Yogic flying
You appreciate Pam's skill at baking
We would like you to join our class action against the sellers of addictive computer products
Your sirloin steak has been mutilated by aliens
You are sexually attracted to chipmunks
We prodded you and you didn't move. Are you a peer of the realm?
<Your tickbox here>

Two chipmunk costumes
Michael Abbott and Dave Mooring shown in the
stylish and sexy
Intervention Security uniform

PLOKTA - Not As Funny As It Used To Be

All I want for Christmas is an independent nuclear deterrent on my mantelpiece

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