For drier, for wetter...

The umbrellas come out

In a rare display of decisiveness and organisation, Steven and Alison got married on October 24. As you can see from the photo, the weather was... spectacular. Oh, all right, it was wet. In the morning it was just cold, wet and windy, but it got steadily worse throughout the day. The heavens opened, gale warnings were issued. By the time of the party in the evening, at trendy fannish nightspot The Jubilee Tavern, the police had helpfully recommended that people not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Alison in The Hat
Modern Apiarist's October centrefold

Alison's hat caused something of a stir... especially when we realised she'd brought her bees with her. Luckily she'd also brought a bunch of flowers to attract their attention away from the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids comprised the rest of the Plokta womenfolk, with Sue and Giulia resplendent in unmatched purple dresses, and Marianne enchanting in completely impractical ivory silk.

The bridesmaids

A focal point zine?
Perhaps they should cut it down
To a single page.

The wedding ran late, as weddings do, with up to five separate wedding parties stacked up over Walthamstow Register Office in a very crowded holding pattern. By the time the Cain party came in for landing, the Registrar was distinctly hot under the collar, especially with small children who insisted on interrupting loudly. Still, she didn't carry out her threat to stop the wedding and go home in a huff.

Marianne looks worried
Where is Mummy, and who is this Scary Hat Alien?

After the wedding, everyone dashed through the rain to the much drier environment of a local pub. Here we passed some time in the usual pursuits of the bride's family not sitting with the groom's family and with the fans off in a ghetto at the back of the pub.

Fillo of Marianne and The Hat
Marianne and a scary hat alien: could they possibly be related?

Alison at the bar
As is traditional at British weddings, the bride bought the first round

Lunch was at a local trattoria; garlic bread and cheap red wine all round. With the wedding safely over, Alison had a chance to let her hair down, and Steven had a chance to cover his up.

Steven in The Hat
One day in Teletubby land, it was Po's turn to wear the Scary Hat

After lunch there was cake, and champagne, and speeches, and then the trip down to the Jubilee in the continuing weather. Alison perched precariously in the back of the car, trying to keep her hat on with one hand while producing the digital slideshow of the wedding with the other. And at the Jubilee there was more cake, and more champagne, and more speeches, and more fans.

Group photo
Fans toasting the happy couple: from left, Sue Mason, Michael Abbott, Caroline Mullan, Anne Wilson, Mike Scott, Austin Benson, Caroline Wilson, Brian Ameringen.

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