Scavenger Hunt

Brad Foster's entry Well, we certainly had no idea there were so many 8" floppy disks left in the world. Dr Plokta is thinking of papering his loo with them instead of AOL CDs. Bridget Bradshaw sent a triumphant postcard of a Brownie, wearing an immaculately pressed uniform with an elf badge on it. A few days later, we got an e-mail explaining sheepishly that the Elf was in fact a Pixie. And Peter Wareham's tortuous explanation of why his postcard had an elf on it is entirely too convoluted to repeat.

Great inventiveness was shown by some contestants, faced with seemingly impossible tasks such as finding moose memorabilia in the Antipodes. We hadn't intended the competition to be hemispherically biased, but confess that Lloyd & Yvonne Perry from Canada had no trouble coming up with several pieces of mooseriana, while Karen Pender Gunn and Ian Gunn were forced to roll their own moose.

In fact, although Karen & Ian sent entries in several categories, several of these were home-made; we feel we should give them a prize for inventiveness in the face of unavailability. However, tasteless Diana souvenirs seem to transcend all national barriers. Advertisements for a range of unspeakable memorial products were easily acquired by every entrant, though for some reason nobody thought to send us the actual artifacts.

We were worried about the postability of the bottle of champagne when we realised that the two top entries were both from abroad. But luckily we're saved; Ian and Karen asked us to raffle the champers for GUFF, and Lloyd & Yvonne asked us to send them some British specialities instead. So, unable to choose between them, we'll be doing both of these.

Ian Gunn and Karen Pender-Gunn as babies And what of our next competition? Well, the entire Scavenger Hunt was, as several people worked out, a thinly disguised attempt to gather embarrassing photos of our mailing list as children. The plan was that this issue would have a "match the babe to the letterhack" competition. However, Lloyd Penney was the only person who sent us a photo at all, and that was a photocopy, so you're all saved. Though we were fairly sure you'd work out which photo was George as a baby.
Assorted beermats Sorry, Lloyd and Yvonne, Guinness is not a cask conditioned bitter. Mind you, CAMRA don't seem to have heard of Gruntfuttocks either...
As Mike said, 8-inch floppy disks just don't seem so strange now that the 5¼ ones have disappeared as well. And the thing in the left hand corner? That's a genuine Karen Pender-Gunn one-of-a-kind moose-related artifact. Assorted disks
Assorted fish Glow-in-the-dark fish on a background of glittery fabric. We'd have included Lloyd and Yvonne's glow-in-the-dark asteroid, but it won't hit the Earth until 2038
It's Puke the glow-in-the-dark Pegasus! Adds new meaning to the phrase "nauseatingly cute" Glowing Pegasus
Assorted elves Supporting the DIY elf postcard industry. There's just one problem, Sue wants to know where have all the whips, leather and sex toys gone?

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