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Why is it, O Masters of Superfluous Technology, that these Mighty Machines, these Computing Devices, have an Achilles Heel comparable to a Space Shuttle needing a big spring to be wound and released before the engines will ignite and spurt fire and smoke?

I speak, from recent experience, of the CMOS settings in a computer's BIOS, settings which disappear like the flame of a blown-out candle when the battery dies, rendering the hard disk, its operating system and data, inaccessible? Why? Huh? Whywhywhy?

-- Murray Moore

Dr Plokta replies: Send $200 in used notes to Dr Plokta BIOS Design & Consultancy Services Inc, and we'll send you the secret knowledge of how to stop this from happening again. After all, which do you want more, a mere $200 or your computer and all your data?

Dear Dr Plokta,

You are a wonder and a marvel.

-- Claire Brialey

Dr. Plokta replies: No, that's Torve the Trog.

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