Issue 17
Volume 5 Number 1
January 1900

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 •  The Amazing Adventures of Dryer Lint Woman
 •  My Kind of Crazy
 •  Lokta Plokta
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The Plokta SF convention, from 26-29 May 2000.

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The most important thing about <plokta.con> is the people who'll be coming. We currently have 49 members, who are:

Illo of George Michael Abbott, Brian Ameringen, Amanda Baker, Square Bear, Austin Benson, Bridget & Simon Bradshaw, Gordon Brignal, Claire Brialey, Marianne Cain, Steven Cain, Dave Clements, Eddie Cochrane, John Dallman, Steve Davies, Guy & Sue Dawson, Giulia De Cesare, Sue Edwards, Lilian Edwards, Janet & Mike Figg, Susan Francis, Gwen Funnell, Ann & Steve Green, Rhodri James, Kari, Tony Keen, Paul Kincaid, Dave Langford, Patrick Lawford, Ken MacLeod, Sue Mason, Caroline Mullan, Phil Nanson, Chris O'Shea, Bernie Peek, Mark Plummer, Roger Robinson, Naomi Saunders, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, Robert "Nojay" Sneddon, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Huw Walters, Peter Wareham, Anne Wilson and Caroline Wilson.

If you think you've joined, but aren't on this list, then please let us know so that we can sort it out. All of you who've said you'll join but haven't got round to it yet -- and there are plenty of you -- please send us twenty pounds before we put the membership rates up. Children aged 12-17 (at the date of the con) are £10 and children under 12 are free. Cheques made payable to Plokta, please.

We will also be taking memberships in US dollars at Boskone, Potlatch and Corflu, if this makes things easier for you. Alternatively, Americans can send us a cheque for $35, made payable to Roger Robinson (we assume this is ok with you, Roger).

Hotel Booking Information

We considered having traditional UK convention hotel booking forms, but eventually decided that you're all adults who can be trusted. Therefore, we are empowering you to book your own hotel room, by phoning the hotel on 0116-2531161, preferably between 9-5, Monday-Friday. It is the Leicester Holiday Inn, 129 St Nicholas Circle, Leicester, UK LE1 5LX, You will need to tell them you're coming for <plokta.con>, and tell them how many people you are and which nights you're coming for. The convention will start on Friday evening, 26th May, and continue till early afternoon on Monday 29th May. (The Monday is a public holiday in the UK). You should automatically be booked in at the con rates, which are £27.50 twin or double per person per night, or £37.50 for single occupancy, but we would recommend that you check and confirm this. Children under 12 staying in their parents' room are free, or you can have an adjoining room for the kids for £30 a night. Please let the hotel know if you have any special requirements. If you have any problems, if the hotel can't sort things out that you need, or if you would like us to find you someone to share a twin room with, please e-mail us or write to us. There should be a hotel brochure enclosed with this issue of Plokta.

Feeding Ken MacLeod

We took our Guest of Honour, Ken MacLeod, out to dinner at Novacon. This gave us a chance to get to know him, and gave him an idea of what he was letting himself in for.

Illo of George Programme

If you want to appear on the programme (or need to for ego or tax reasons), please let us know. Although the main purpose of the con is for people to relax and have a good time, we will be having a single stream programme most of the time. We still have room to put in your fabulous programme idea, if you're burning to tell us about one.

The Programme Book

Well, there won't be one, but we do intend to have an issue of Plokta with a cover-mounted CD-Rom for members. For this, we'd like to include facsimiles of old fanzines, digital photos, fannish memorabilia of all kinds. Please send us suggestions and material.

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A Modest Proposal

Dr Plokta phoned Alison one evening. "You know, if we set up an Internet lounge at <plokta.con> with a network server that people can use to access the Internet from their laptops, we're going to need to give them IP addresses. Rather than mess around with sign-up sheets and so on, why don't we just become the first convention to give out IP addresses instead of membership numbers?"

"That would be sending the wrong message about the convention", said Alison sternly.

"By God, you're right", exclaimed Dr P. "It would imply that our members can only bring one laptop each to <plokta.con>."

Lift Your Tail and Think of England

Taral Wayne sent us several delightful pictures of furry young things. Some appear in this issue of Plokta, and some are entirely too delightful to be printed in a family fanzine. ("Are these pictures meant to be erotic?" asked Giulia.) Please send more, in plain brown envelope, to Plokta Central. But we looked in vain for a nice picture of a furry nubile young moose. Sue "no more bleeding moose" Mason begged to be allowed to rectify the omission. Bet it turns out thinner than you might reasonably expect.

Illo: Moose Furry
Are you feeling antlery, little boy?

Tick Tock Tick Tock

We understand that in this month's issue of the Bulletin of Reproductive Scientists, it was revealed that they have decided to advance Pam Wells' biological clock to two minutes to midnight.