Issue 25
Volume 7 Number 1
January 2002

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 •  Contents
 •  Cover Illustration
 •  Editorial
 •  Five Go Mad In Mordor
 •  Recapturing My Flaming Youth
 •  Decking The Halls With Thorazine
 •  Lokta Plokta
 •  Does Your Gut Wobble When I Do This?

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Cover Illustration
A reproduction of the cover of the original paper fanzine.

The Cabal explain why, yet again, this issue is not so much late as temporally challenged. And Alison will probably add a couple of paragraphs telling you all, yet again, how wonderfully talented her children are.

Five Go Mad In Mordor
Steve Davies and The Cabal
No! No! Not the Lord of the Rings take-off! Run for the hills! Phone the SFWA copyright hit squad!

Recapturing My Flaming Youth
Rob Jackson
Rob re-emerges from the forgotten depths of time to marvel at the wonders of the modern Internet, in his first piece of fanac for over a decade.

Decking The Halls With Thorazine
Patty Wells
Inspired by Alison's Christmas message to her subjects her friends and family, Patty has let us know about her own family's misadventures throughout 2001

Lokta Plokta
We decided it would be easier to edit the locs if we just deleted every second and third word. Oddly, the letters actually seem to make more sense this way.

Does Your Gut Wobble When I Do This?
Alison Scott
Alison shares some musical and medical anecdotes. Funnily enough, she makes more sense with every second and third word deleted, too.

This is issue 25 of Plokta, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott and Mike Scott. It is available for letter of comment (one copy is fine, we pass them over to each other), trade (copies to each of our addresses if possible, please), contribution, editorial whim, or for Viggo Mortensen's phone number.

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Art by Christopher Tolkien and Alison Scott (cover), Sue Mason (Fellowship, George, Ring, Durrphorn, Gondor), D West (Cat, D West), Teddy Harvia (lo-carb)

Photos by Patty Wells (Pie), some mate of SMS's (SMS), Max (Dave Clements).

Additional edxxxxxxxxiting by Jonathan zzzCain

The cabal also includes Giulia De Cesare, Sue Mason, George the cat, Steven, Marianne and Jonathan Cain

Plokta is a slightly Croydon fanzine.

Plokta is in no way affiliated with Tolkien Enterprises or the Tolkien Estate. No kidding, Sherlock. We're expecting our cease and desist letter any moment now. Any altering of sacred texts was purely accidental.

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