We've sent you Plokta because:
You have been maligned in this fanzine
We're planning to insult you Real Soon Now
We've removed the insulting remarks about you from this, your personal copy of Plokta
You sent us a LoC! More! More! We love you!
You sent us your fanzine. It was great/not bad/rubbish
Send us your fanzine; Dr Plokta's short of things to read
You can't tell the difference between an anagram and an acronym
The Great Plokta Mailing List Cull hasn't quite reached you yet
Your technology is more superfluous than ours
Your copy of Plokta has been sub-titled for the humour-impaired
You shaved Sue's elf; prepare to die
We got your name from the T3 subscribers database
Steve spotted your naked torso at the Mapplethorpe exhibition
Steve spotted your begonia at the Mapplethorpe exhibition
There's less technology in this one. Honest.
You've sent Alison a selection of useful baby tips
We think you'd like to apply for a PloktacardTM
You are reputed to be like a teenage gamer on speed
You are a great fan of Muffin the Mule
You are task-oriented and goal-focused

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