Simo: That Picture Explained

The picture originally appeared in the Croydon Advertiser, who sent a photographer along to Dangercon. Five minutes before it was taken, Simo was behaving perfectly rationally (well, as rationally as usual). However, in a living, breathing evocation of the cartoon in Attitude 7, as soon as a photographer came along he zoomed into action. If Simo hadn't come to the rescue, the good people of Croydon might have been left thinking that Dangermouse fans were a bunch of basically ordinary folks who like a drink on a Saturday afternoon. But, luckily for us, Simo decided that it would be better for all concerned if the people attending the convention were depicted in the paper as utter, incontrovertible weirdoes or Care in the Community rejects. Hence the photo, and thanks to Mark Plummer for getting a copy for Plokta.

Simo reading Dangermouse
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