Another Slice of Cake, Vicar?

Intervention security, manifested as Dave Power, checked on the room party, to make sure we weren't having too much fun. "They're getting everywhere," explained Lillian. "I was changing earlier, and they practically burst into the room. It's like something out of a dodgy fantasy."

He surprised her as she was combing out her long, dark hair. "Sorry to trouble you, ma'am," he explained, "but we've been having a bit of trouble with intruders. Can I see your badge?" He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, eyeing her voluptuous body hungrily.

"What?" asked the general throng. "Is Dave Power your fantasy object?" "Well, no..." "So, who would you like to fantasise is checking your badge?" Lillian wouldn't say, so we took a straw poll.

Dave Mooring burst into the room, wearing the Intervention security uniform of black leather trousers, a black silk shirt, and a wallyphone. He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and ran his hungry eyes over her cake body.

Lillian was really warming to her subject by now.

He tore slightly at the fabric of her jeans, exposing her badge. He shook his head sadly, so that the light rippled through his hair. "You weren't wearing it so I could see it" he admonished. "For that, you must be punished."

"A spanking! A spanking!" said half the room. "Sounds like a funny sort of fantasy to me," said the other half. Michael called for order. "Who's got a bottle? We'll spin the bottle..." "...and whoever it points to has to tell their fantasy?" I queried. "No. Whoever it points to turns up in Lillian's fantasy." With great ceremony, he spun the bottle.

Suddenly, Michael Abbott appeared at the door, also wearing the Intervention security uniform of tight black leather trousers etc. "Are you having trouble here, Dave?" he asked, shaking his long black hair and taking a good look at Lillian's torn clothing. "Just some broad who didn't show her badge," replied Dave.

"Hang on a minute" said Anne.

Anne Wilson wandered into the room. "What are you doing in my fantasy?" she asked Lillian accusingly. "Oh, I was just leaving," said Lillian, and did.

-- by Staff Writer Dr. Plokta

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