It was the best of cons, it was the worst of cons. We came, we saw, we drank the hotel out of real ale on the day before the convention started...

Divine Intervention

Spice Girls

Rog Peyton

Prize-wining masquerade entry, "Spice Girls of Arrakis" pose for the Plokta cameras

Rog Peyton showing off his new T-shirt for "The Greatest SF magazine in the world"

Gytha North


Who? Gytha North? Never heard of her

Phil Plumbly, Pat McMurray and convention chair, John Richards take a break in the hypostyle

Alison in pain

Steve Green

Alison, our esteemed editor, shows how breast-feeding doesn't really hurt at all, much, well... not very much, honest

Steve "I wouldn't be seen dead wearing a wallyphone" Green, keeping order in the main lounge of the Adelphi


Pam Wells

Chaos costumers pose in front of the Chinese Wall

Demon baker Pam Wells shows off the fruits of her labours at Anne Wilson and Michael Abbott's room party

Breakfast queue

Gail Courtney

Security, under the leadership of Gary Stratman, encounter a large number of suspicious characters queuing across the lobby to get into breakfast. Not many dead.

Sweet, demure Gail Courtney in character as Lucretia Borgia takes a healthy swig of cake wine

Plokta Cabal


Plokta Mobile Unit 1 sets up the local area network in the non-smoking bar (Pam Wells, Patty Wells, Giulia Wells, Kitten the laptop, Mike Scott)

One slice and she's anybody's...

Look for the sign of the moose... he will be back!

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