Now, Where Was I?

It's now less than 30 months to the end of 1999, and naturally our thoughts are turning to the Millennium Bug and to ensuring that our computers don't suddenly explode on New Year's Day 2000. Of course, for some unfortunates, New Year's Day may be coming a bit early. Many people these days use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to work out where they are, where they left their car, how to find the bathroom and so on. Among these, we are told, are farmers with combine harvesters which use GPS to find out exactly where they are in these modern hayfields which are too large for them to be able to see the sides. Now, GPS also has a bug. Unfortunately its date bug will happen sometime in August of 1998, during the harvest...

Corn circle
Oi've got a brand-new combine 'arvester an' I'll give you the key...

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