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Issue #81, August 25th, 1997

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* Death of Apparatchik Mourned, by Victor M Plokta.

* Editorial.

* Dave Bell is a Wurzel?.

* Worldcon in a Village Hall -- Cabal Resigns, by Mike Scott.

* My Electronic Doormat, by Alison Scott.

* Would You Like Fries With That?, by Steve Davies.

* Camcon Report, by Alison Scott.

* Who Can Deny They'd Be Better Off Dead?, by Steve Davies.

* Lokta Plokta, by our correspondents.

* Blatant Private Eye Ripoff.

* Ideal Homes Supplement, by Sue Mason.

* The P-Files Episode 1, written by the Cabal, drawn by Sue Mason.

* The P-Files Episode 2, written by the Cabal, drawn by Sue Mason.

* Fanzine Countdown, Spoof Edition, by the PloktaCabal.

This is the eighty first issue of a tri-weekly fanzine, edited and published by Andy Hooper, carl juarez and Victor Gonzalez (RIP) the Plokta cabal. Ploktak is available for the usual, but trades must be sent to all seven editors and the cat. Alternatively, this could actually be Vol.2 No.4 of the incoherent and occasional fanzine Plokta issuing forth from Steve Davies and Alison Scott, available for LoC, trade, contribution, editorial whim or the liver of Paul Kincaid. Correspondence and fanzines for Steve should be sent to steve@vraidex.com. Correspondence and fanzines for Alison should be sent to alison@kittywompus.com. Correspondence for Dr Plokta should be placed in containers of medium-level radioactive waste to be deposited in the Marianas trench, and at locs@plokta.com.

PLOKTARATCHIK is the M'Shimba M'Shamba of fandom. A central Congo storm god best known for his appearances in the works of Edgar Wallace and for his habit of spiking critics on the topmost branches of tall trees. Who knows into whose stomachs we may one day fall? For readers in the United States, Andy Hooper will accept $10 for a Hugo nomination. Anyone wanting to send us subscriptions of, say, $1000 or so to defray our printing expenses is free to do so, but we warn you we'll be on the next plane to Rio. Lifetime subscribers: Ethel the Aardvark, Ghu, Cerebus the Aardvark, John Carter of Mars, Dr Plokta, George the aardvark cat, Illyria the Avatar, the Traveller In Black, Carl Brandon, Jerry Cornelius, Ralph 124C41+, the Mars rover, Dilbert, Dorian Gray, the Count of Monte Cristo, Rhysling, Gytha Ogg, E.J. Thribb, Sue's little stud-muffin, the Men In Black, two very confused old geezers in the pub last Thursday and the Pope.

[Time to own up. The layouts of this page, the Death of Apparatchik article and the Fanzine Countdown were ripped off from the very wonderful but sadly deceased Apparatchik.]

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