Another wet Sunday, another Plokta timed to be out for Novacon. Shameless hussies, aren't we? Look, just get out there and vote (with your gonads).

As far as Plokta is concerned, this is a wet Sunday with a difference, the difference being that we're on holiday in the Lake District. The rain is pouring down, but our spirits are undaunted, with a little help from Coniston Bluebird, the 1998 Champion Beer of Great Britain, available in jugs from the pub down the road. And as the barman said, if the weather was always sunny they'd have to rename it the Big-Holes-in-the-Ground District. Anyway, the weather's not been all that bad, as you can see from the documentary evidence:

Caballeros in the Lake District
Who forgot to bring the scanner?

Our holiday has also been enlivened by Guy Fawkes Night, with much typing to a background of whizzes and bangs. Unfortunately, Marianne was terrified, and spent the evening quivering. Perhaps we shouldn't have let Auntie Sue put her on the bonfire while muttering something about having finally found a virgin. The one catch with being in the Lake District is that we're unable to print a letter column this issue. This is not so much because of the floods washing away the official Plokta mule Ethernet, as because we haven't yet managed to lose Pat McMurray's latest letter.

Caballeros still in the Lake District
Last one in the pub is a red squirrel...

There is a promotional red squirrel hanging around the lodge where we're staying. We understand his name is Sammy, and he's very friendly except when you're trying to take photos. Alison has a fine photo of six pixels of red fuzz disappearing into the distance.

For those of you seeking egoboo, this issue contains one of Mike Siddall's ego-scans™. Except that ours is for fanzines. The following fanzines are reviewed somewhere in this issue, and not necessarily in this order. Bento, International Revolutionary Gardener, Ansible, Crifanac, Wild Heirs, Mimosa, Banana Wings, Plokta, Götterdämmerung.

Finally, Pat McMurray has asked us to reduce the number of jokes we make about him in the pages of Plokta. He feels that after last issue, he's been over-exposed. So, as a special dispensation, there are no more Pat McMurray jokes in this issue of Plokta. Tune in next issue for new costumes for your dress-up doll, including Ronald McDonald, Peter Mandelson and Captain B*rds Ey*.

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Haiku seem too long
To capture the essence of
This bonsai fanzine.

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